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Tank manufacturing

Stainless steel tanks with flat, conical or convex top or bottom, with or without a flat, conical or convex top or bottom, also available with attractive scaled design according to individual requirements.

Transport, storage, fermentation tanks with mixer on request, customized according to the operational requirements.

Design and complete construction of stainless steel process piping for tanks according to plant requirements.

Custom machine manufacturing

Design and manufacture of individual food processing machinery and equipment from stainless steel in accordance with food industry standards.

Manufacture of stainless steel tables, cabinets, trays for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Pressure vessels

Pressure vessels, containers for storing dangerous liquids and melts:

Manufacture of pressure vessels of low and medium hazard classes, installation of associated process piping.

Manufacture of tanks for the storage of dangerous liquids and melts.

About Us

Faddikorr Ltd. is a family business with a wide range of activities since 1996. Our company mainly manufactures stainless steel pressure vessels, custom food processing machinery and equipment.

Our activities are characterised by individuality and the fulfilment of special requirements. We use modern technologies in design and production, taking into account the requirements of the times.

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On request, we can also carry out contract work with the following machines.

Bottom tank plasma cutter, laser cutter, plasma cutter, hydraulic edge bender, profile rolling machine, hydraulic rolling machine, coil bander, pipe strip grinder, 4-cylinder hydraulic plate rolling machine, hydraulic pipe, profile rolling machine, plate disc grinding machine.

For available capacities and prices, please ask for a quote!

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